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  In 2040, settlers leave a devastated earth to create a new home on a distant planet.


Sniper: Reloaded

  To catch a sniper you need to become a sniper.


Treasure Guards

  A Treasure Guard and archaeologist are on a hunt for the Seal of Solomon.


The Lost Future

  Post-apocalyptic 2510, a group lead by Sean Bean, struggle to survive.


Lost Boys The Thirst

  The second sequel, Lost Boys: The Thirst, a continuation of the adventures of Edgar Frog. The Vampire Slayer.


America The Story of US

  A 12 part television series which captures the vast sweep of American history


Free Willy: Escape From Pirates Cove

  A young Orca is trapped in a tidal pool in Cape Town, South Africa.


Through Africa in a Bridal Dress

  A jilted Bride on the adventure of a lifetime, as she chases after a mystic diamond.


Bush Station

  The Story of a group of German Doctors at a medical clinic in a remote part of Africa.