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Diamond Hunters

  Based on the novel "Diamond Hunters" by Wilbur Smith



  High action heist thriller starring Peter Weller and Bryan Brown, for Promark Entertainment


Ange tombé du ciel, L'

  Delightful family movie for Telfrance and France 2


Sign of the Ape

  An Italian zoologist stumbles across a lost tribe of ape-men in Africa, and finds himself unearthing a trail of murder and duplicity


Streets of Berlin

  Episode for the long running German cop series for Nova Media/ProSieben. German cops chase down missing donor funds in Africa.


The Last Contract

  Stylish Swedish film that traces a South African link in the murder of Swedish prime minister in 1986, with FilmLance


Only Love

  Mini series based on the 1997 novel by Eric Segal


Hard to Forget

  Harlequin love story set in the Aegean Isles, Chicago and Africa


Diamond Girl

  Harlequin love story for Showtime, a Film Afrika Alliance Atlantis co-production